Augmented Reality Course

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What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that blends digital information with the real world in real-time. Through the use of devices like smartphones, tablets, AR glasses, or specialized headsets, AR enhances the user’s perception of their surroundings by overlaying computer-generated images, information, or interactive content onto the physical environment

Best for your child

Experience the magic of Augmented Reality suitable for every child, from tech enthusiasts to aspiring storytellers. Our course blends imagination with technology, offering a fun and accessible journey into the captivating world of AR. Join us for hands-on activities, expert guidance, and an exciting exploration of Augmented Reality that sparks creativity in every young learner

Future of AR

You may be familiar with AR in the context of Snapchat filters or games like the 2016 hit Pokémon GO, which allows users to view the real world through a responsive digital overlay. As the capabilities of AR continue to improve, there is a bright future for this technologyFrom healthcare to education and even our homes and automobiles, there are few areas of life that will not include some form of AR in the coming years.