3D Character Modeling Course

Shape Your Imagination: Join Our 3D Character Modeling Course for Expert Guidance in Crafting Stunning Digital Characters!

What is Character Modeling ?

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an object or scene using specialized computer software. It involves defining the shape and appearance of an object in a virtual space, allowing for a detailed and realistic depiction of real-world or imaginary entities. 3D modeling is widely used in various industries, including animation, gaming, architecture, product design, and virtual reality, to visualize concepts, simulate environments, and produce digital assets that can be used in a multitude of applications

Blender Zbrush Properties

Unlock the artistry of 3D character modeling with our Blender and ZBrush course. Learn the intricacies of these powerful tools as you sculpt, refine, and breathe life into your digital characters. Master the techniques of texture mapping, rigging, and animation to create captivating 3D models that transcend imagination. Dive into the world of character design with our comprehensive course, providing hands-on experience and expert insights for aspiring digital artists

Who Can Attend Our Course?

Delve into the world of 3D character modeling suitable for children of all ages. Tailored to accommodate diverse interests and skill levels, our course blends artistic expression with technological discovery. Through engaging activities and step-by-step guidance, kids embark on an exciting journey, bringing their imaginative characters to life in the digital realm. Our supportive environment ensures an enjoyable learning adventure, making 3D character modeling accessible and captivating for every young learner. Join us as we nurture creativity and exploration in the digital world

Course Program

Step by step
  • General information about game engines
  • General information about Unity 3D
  • Look at the Unity 3D interface
  • Scene
  • View
  • Game view
  • Inspector
  • Hierarchy
  • Console
  • Project
  • Prefab
  • Gameobject