STEM Workshop

Continuing its activities as an R&D company in Canakkale Teknopark, Piriteknoloji started to serve the people of Canakkale with coding, robotics and three-dimensional design workshops, as well as virtual and augmented reality design workshops. Today's world is faced with a much-discussed educational concept called STEM.

STEM, which means science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is known as an approach based on the principle that you cannot teach one of these disciplines without including the others. Coding, robotics and three-dimensional design activities, which are easy ways to teach STEM, have become very popular concepts today. Piriteknoloji, which has caused Canakkale to be included in the coding, robotics and three-dimensional design activities that continue rapidly in many provinces of Turkey, has a fully equipped and two-storey building with a workshop that appeals to all age groups, especially children in the 4-6 age group. began to continue its fatalities. In addition to these activities, Piriteknoloji continues its R&D activities in the Canakkale Teknopark region with some projects they have developed, especially for early coding, and has started to introduce these projects to the people of Canakkale in its workshops. In addition, Piriteknoloji appeals to different target groups with its courses for 5-6, 7-12 and over 12 years old. Canakkale Hedef Newspaper