High SEO Score and Site Speed

Anyone can do website design these days. But much more is required to be indexed by search engines: SEO Engineering


As I mentioned in the title, web page design is now very easy. There are even free methods such as Wix and Godaddy. If you are a little more business-savvy, that is, if you know what database and ftp are, you can set up a web page in WordPress or Joomla. Let’s examine what may emerge under headings. While explaining the types of websites, I will relate to the types of knives. I hope it is better understood.

1- Free websites offered by Wix, Godaddy or hosting providers.
They are very easy to prepare and are free. It does not require technical skills. Of course, in the internet world, free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. A web page you create will have fixed content, and those who provide you with this service can place ads left and right. Don’t be surprised if you see a competitor’s advertisement on your own website. If we were to classify such sites as knives, I would like to classify them as the plastic knife that comes with the pita bread. Is there a knife? You answer yes to the question, but the real purpose is to sell you the pita.

2- Alternatives such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
A little more technical knowledge is required. Simply put, you need to know how to upload files to hosting with an FTP program and create a database. These open source and very popular software come with some security vulnerabilities. In fact, the security problem stems from generality. In other words, they are essentially secure systems, but since there are billions of WordPress and Joomla pages in the world, hackers are dying to find vulnerabilities. So you sit directly on the target board. If you don’t make the updates or if the authors of the 3rd party modules you use do not update, you will be in trouble. Get well soon. I would classify these types of websites as a swiss army knife. In fact, they are designed to do every job, but they don’t do any job well. So it is neither a great saw nor a great pair of scissors. However, it is useful to show off in environments.

3- Native web pages
They are coded just for you by real computer engineers or programmers. They are prepared according to your needs. Since it will only contain the codes you need, there is very little security problem. They work fast. Because they do not contain thousands of unnecessary css and javascript codes to do every job. There are databases and management panels. You can manage the site by entering content. Constantly updated and increasing content is a feature that search engines love. It is a hunting knife made of special steel, designed exactly for your hand. It does the job it is asked to do and needs to do perfectly. You can use it comfortably like an extension of your hand. Such a website becomes like an extension of your office. It reflects your character, work ethic and quality.

So how to recognize a good web page?
Flying, animated, flashing web pages are now a thing of the past. They were too cumbersome for a very slow speed like dial-up. Now it’s time for speed. A web page should open in under 2 seconds. And it should be able to do this not over ADSL, but over mobile phone internet. The total size of the content of the page (Image, Javascript, CSS and text) must be under 2mb. Content must be original. It’s not just copy and paste from left to right anymore. Google understands this immediately. Just sit in front of the computer, let your fingers do the talking, and explain your own business in your own words.

Now mobile is at the forefront. So, it is better to check how your website looks on your mobile phone rather than on your computer. Because as of 2019, 56 percent of web page visits are now made from mobile devices. This rate will gradually increase. That’s why a mobile compatible web page is very important. Google attaches so much importance to this issue that it even calculates the distance between objects to be clicked. The user does not want to click on the wrong place with his chubby fingers.

You can test the speed of any web page you want with Google PageSpeed.


Click on this address and type the web page. When you press the Analyze button, it will give you the speed score of the site. Don’t bother testing piriteknoloji.com, we are constantly testing it anyway. Our site is a speed champion, receiving 98 points in the Google speed test.

So will Zeki Müren (Google) see us too?
Well, you have a very nice website, but who will visit it? How will you attract visitors? By writing your web address on the back of your vehicle or on your business card :)? I will explain this in another article. Remember, quality is something that is very difficult to achieve and is only possible if you work with professionals.